Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

First Resident Evil 7: Biohazard video with Dmitry is now up on Youtube!

Follow us and watch him squirm and scream through this adventure!!

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(or of Dmitry’s array of emotions)


Nioh now released 7th February

Nioh is now finally out!! Have you got your hands on a copy?
We preordered the digital deluxe edition and now about to check out the game for the first time!

Stay in tune for a let’s play for our first play through and a coming review for this game!

FFXV Aranea Photoshoot

During Chapter 12 we decided to take some pictures of our favorite female character in FFXV Aranea.  These..took us awhile to (as much as we could) perfect because we had to hide Noctis behind her while she was standing still although there are a couple of pictures that we had to take while she was moving which was even harder to get right.  We hope you all enjoy these screenshots 🙂


You’re welcome to use these photos, but however do not redistribute and claim as your own. If  you re-upload with modifications please credit us (DxLjp)

Thank you! 🙂