A couple who went from having a giant puddle between them, literally, to being on the opposite sides of the world. Follow us on our adventures/vacations to Japan, gaming streams and more! 

L: “Uh.. What do I write…?”
D: “I dunno, Your English is better than mine”
L: “No it’s not”
*Balloon spelling fail conversation*
D: “Well you’re writing”

*struggles for 5 minutes*

D: “I’m kinda hungry”
L: “Let’s get food”


From: San Diego, USA
Currently: On the move to Glasgow, UK
Playing: Dark Souls 3 (PS4),  Final Fantasy XV (PS4), Last Guardian (PS4), PSO2(PC), Pokémon Sun (3DS) FATE/Extella (PS4)


From: Scotland
Playing: God Eater 2: Rage Burst(PS4), World of Final Fantasy(PS4),  Final Fantasy XV (PS4), PSO2(PC), Pokémon Moon(3DS) Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (PS4)

Things we cover

Game streaming, releases and related information, food(Lea), Vacation time in Japan(Dmitry&Lea) and random laughs


Twitch: dxljp