Hello everybody!

Hello Guys and Gals.  It’s definitely been awhile since our last post.  We’ve been so busy with moving into our new apartment and our recent trip to Tokyo.  Things seem to be slowing down now so we are wanting to pick up where we left off.  Currently we have been playing Phantasy Star Online 2 since the new update and from time to time messing around with FATE/Extella aka Waifu Waifu Fun time 😉 .  We have not forgotten FFXV and all of its updates it’s received and we will update our blog as much as we can.  In order for us to stream games with all of you on our Youtube channel we are going to be purchasing a Capture card so that you can see everything that we see on screen..as in NO blocked scenes.  We hope all of you will join us when we do our Play Throughs and visit our Youtube and this blog site for more information on the games that we are playing to help you on your own adventure through whichever game.  Thank you very much for your patience 🙂  We both appreciate it so much!

Kind Regards – DxL (^_^)/



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