Final Fantasy XV: Search and Rescue Quest Location

We were driving around in the dark at night trying to be cool and dangerous and then scared for our lives… It wasn’t the best of ideas hunting and answering someone’s distress signal (Search and Rescue -sidequest) when running away from a level 30 Iron Giant and a few level 15 Bombs at level 4..
So in case anyone was having issues looking for the distress call location we took a screen grab to help anyone else.

He’s on the North side of the dirt road just at the junction where the dirt road meet the paved road and you also require a potion to help the guy hiding behind the rock.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161126190622

Distressed Call NPC location off road


Here’s a little credit to Prompto for our run away attempt starring Gladiolus

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161129150424

The fear in Gladiolus’ eyes while running from the Iron Giant and a few Bombs


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